Christmas DIESEL Jeans Gift


As a representative of passion, personality and self-expression, DIESEL selected from the autumn and winter series of highly urban and modern sense of multiple shapes, and love freedom, brave uninhibited you common To create a unique personality of the Christmas Cool

Everyone has a free heart, each individual is so special and different. Is to share, will we are linked together. In this part of the Christmas sharing and blessing, but also for friends to highlight the best time to highlight personality Gifts.

Based on the 90s to smile printed as a symbol of Grunge style, DIESEL use zipper design, further enhance the visual effects, build full of personality and fun T-shirt.

DIESEL "wolves" to break the dress in the box - the classic locomotive clothes, tannins and leather clothing are free to mix and match together, show rebellious uninhibited dress style. Fade to Blue's sweet tones are blended with light blue denim and exquisite seams. After washing the soft denim feel more supple, both the shape of the day loaded with the mood of the night. Ms. denim skirt is designed to edge and fringed cowboy.

Two-color washed tannin features a futuristic design, creating a loose shape, the perfect modified leg type, but also in the collar, including the shirt collar and armhole.

DIESEL extreme tannin manual process, never cease to burst out new and unique ideas. Loose T-shirt and cultivating tannin pants constitute a strong contrast. Without losing the personality of the zipper and screw design, embodies the brand of blood in the rebellious uninhibited and both wear solid cool style.

The Christmas fear of cold, wrapped in the extraordinary personality

Christmas is the carnival of the festival, how can be bound by layers of clothing? . DIESEL through the city's fashion point of view, for the winter wear to bring pleasure and interesting. From the punk-style pin to long section of tannins, this season DIESEL series of elegant, tough charm. Rivet tight motorcycle jackets and personalized stitching leather pants, cut and tight contours through the shape of a capable neutral style, highlighting DIESEL's personality attitude. Long section of the tannic coat by the electro-optic blue hair collar embellishment, both real warm wear and fashion pioneer sense, light boring winter.

Panther ornaments and colored star pattern make motorcycle jacket more modern sense, rivets decoration is DIESEL rebellious spirit of the excellent evidence, demonstrates bold and independent and independent control of self-life personality.

Long section of the tannic coat by the electro-optic blue hair collar embellishment, both real warm wear and fashion pioneer sense, light boring winter.

This Christmas do not "red", uniform cool cool

DIESEL Jeans autumn and winter series inherited a unique and innovative approach to the fun, dynamic interpretation of the theme of military uniforms. Cool and full of DIESEL camouflage self-created pattern, the publicity masculine classic military uniforms, such as camouflage short jackets and field jackets, and women soft flower pattern shirt, skirt with the texture fabric and smooth silk collocation, a strong contrast And visual impact.

Soft fabric by DIESEL Miaoxian hook out the fashion and artistic temperament. The traditional military green and brown color artificial fur in the bright embellishment glow bright brilliance, which also adds a playful sense of multi-functional coat.

Diesel BUSTER 0842H Tapered / SS 16 Blue Jeans Men

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