Diesel Jeans brand history


Diesel Jeans brand history

In 1978, Renzo Rosso created the Diesel brand
In 1979, Di Saier (Diesel) men's series was born
In 1984, children's clothing line Dieselito birth, later renamed Diesel Kids
In 1985, Renzo Rosso completely repurchased the Diesel brand
In 1989, Diesel women's clothing was born
In February 2008, "Diesel Black Gold" (Diesel Black Gold) launched a series of senior clothing, creative director for Wilbert Das, "Diesel Black Gold" (Diesel Black Gold) is the Diesel (Diesel) main line over-popular a save , This series is more pioneering, expensive, only for a small number of people.
Diesel (Diesel) cross-border cooperation "500 by Diesel": Diesel and FIAT Fiat 500 car cross-border design of the stylish car models, the models from the Diesel design appearance and interior, since November 9, 2008 onwards The world's limited sales of 10,000.

Diesel BELTHER 0847E Tapered / SS 16 Beige Jeans Men

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